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A Hop Back in Time

TRH Hopping has been producing the highest quality handmade rabbit hopping and rabbit agility equipment since 2015. TRH Hopping has proudly sold products to fellow hopping enthusiasts all over the USA, and internationally. But how did this unlikely business come about?


TRH Hopping was created to fuel a passion, a passion for rabbit hopping that is. Owner and founder Sydney B Turner began raising and training rabbits for rabbit hopping in 2010 after her mother, Sally Pierce Turner saw a video of the Danish National Rabbit Hopping Championships on Youtube. There was no going back then, Sydney was instantly hooked on this crazy rabbit sport. 

Sydney was determined to train and compete with a hopping rabbit, and soon acquired a young black Rhinelander buck from a local 4-H leader and ARBA member. She named this new hopper "Crackers". In February of 2012, Sydney got her first chance to compete in a rabbit hopping competition at the Pennsylvania State Rabbit Breeders Association (PaSRBA) Convention. The pair placed 2nd in the Youth Catagory! In 2014 Sydney began experimenting with making her own hopping harnesses, after her new hopper; a Britannia Petite Dutch Marked named Petite was too small for normal harnesses. Soon, everyone wanted one of Sydney's custom handmade harnesses. That was when she came up with the idea, with the help of her family, to start her own business making and selling rabbit hopping equipment. In December 2015 Sydney founded TRH Hopping. TRH stands for the family American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) Rabbitry name; Turners' Rabbit Habit. It was a perfect fit! Sydney has since had her products sold to hopping enthusiasts all over the world, including Germany, Scotland, Australia, and Canada. She has also raised and trained hopping rabbits that have found homes in ten different US States, as well as Germany. 

Sydney has also been a member of PaSRBA and ARBA for 13 years and has competed in Youth Contests and Rabbit Royalty both at the state level and national level. 















2012 Pennsylvania Farm Show

PaSRBA Princess Sydney Turner and her Rhinelander"Crackers"

2012 Ag Progress Days Rock Springs, PaSRBA Princess Sydney demonstrating Rabbit Hopping with her English Spot "Spot"

Why buy from us?

Our products are made by hopping people, for hopping people! 


Here at TRH Hopping none of our products are mass produced and everything is handmade. Every product we sell was designed to work and last for a long time. Safety is our top priority, and every product is thoroughly tested before it is ever put up for sale. 

We are committed to making the best of the best, for the best of the best! So if you are looking for custom or pre-made items, and want to use what the professionals use, you have come to the right place! 

Where do the designs come from?


TRH Hopping products follow or exceed the specifications and regulations as stated in the 2018 PaSRBA Rabbit Hopping Rules, and the 2017 American Rabbit Hopping Association For Rabbits & Cavies Hopping Rules. 

Each product design comes from our in-house hopping professional, Sydney Turner, who has 9 years of experience in this sport and uses that knowledge to create products that are both beautiful and practical. Every design is also field tested at local events in Pennsylvania, ensuring that

they are safe, easy to use, and rabbit approved so that you know that the product you are getting actually works and performs. 



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