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I get a lot of questions at shows and other events about how I manage harnessing my rabbits, and if I leave harnesses on while my rabbits are in their carriers. The answer is no and here's why.

For hopping & agility, the H-Style harness is the only legal (and safe) harness to use. Many people take this as a go-ahead to leave the harnesses (and even leashes) on while their rabbits are hanging out in their carriers before an event. This is not a good idea, even in a safe carrier. Whether you use wire rabbit carriers, pet crates, etc. somehow, sometime a rabbit will find a way to injure itself or get itself caught on something with the harness on. Rabbits are fragile animals, and get themselves into all sorts of trouble. The smallest noise or thing can spook them or cause injury to them. Not to mention rabbits love to chew thing, and you might come back to a destroyed, unsafe, and unusable harness which is never fun. Aside from the obvious frustration of having to purchase a brand new harness for your rabbit, they can also possibly ingest the harness material which can result in a huge vet bill or even death. So it is best to just keep the harness ready and waiting, but never on.

I hope this tip gives you some insight into this topic, happy hopping!

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