Young Hopping Rabbits

Unedited Training Tips

Starting out with a Young Hopping Rabbit

Most hopping handlers start out with a mature rabbit, maybe even one that has hopped before, but there are many that start out with a young rabbit for hopping but have no clue where to start training them. In my 9 years of experience raising, training, and competing with hopping rabbits the first steps don't even involve a single jump. Socialization, handling, and desensitizing are aspects of training rabbits that a lot of people seem to overlook as not important, but let me tell you they are extremely important. When you have a young rabbit that you would like to train for hopping and do well, the best thing you can start out with is general socialization and handling. Pet your rabbit, hold your rabbit, get your rabbit used to being touched around the neck and belly areas so when you introduce a harness it is less of a shock. If you have your rabbit housed in a rabbit barn, garage, or in your house make sure to have a radio or some kind of background noise around to help your rabbit get used to noise. Rabbits are a prey animal and are very sensitive to sound, you don't want to deafen your rabbit, just get them used to noise. Before you even introduce a harness you can also work with your rabbit on a grooming table, teaching them to move forward with a gentle tap or verbal cue. Doing these simple things from the start will greatly increase your success in training your rabbit for hopping.

If you would like to learn more about training a rabbit for hopping and/or agility, TRH Hopping is releasing new Online Classes in late Spring 2019! Follow our facebook page, for new updates, early access information, as well as custom order information.

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