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We all have storage problems, maybe its in our home, our rabbitry, or perhaps if you're like me its hopping equipment. It's hard to find places to put things, especially places that won't damage your equipment. After all it is an investment, so you want to make it last and stay in the best condition possible for as long as possible.

In my case, my hopping storage and practice area is in the basement of the family home. Concrete floors make it pretty easy to clean, and easy to lay down mats for practice. But there's one major problem; I have stuff everywhere! And not in the best places to keep the equipment from getting damaged (most of my personal equipment has seen better days). Most people may not even have a space that size for their hopping equipment. So I decided to give you some little tips and tricks for properly storing hopping equipment, as well as keeping things clean and ready to use for practice. (This blog post isn't about cleaning, but we'll get to that later on!)

The first thing you will need to store is harnesses. Harnesses are the easiest thing to store, they just need a container where they will be safe from moisture, animals, and heat. I typically keep my most used harnesses in a wire grooming box with carpet on top (if you have seen me at shows you'd recognize the beat up and overflowing harness box is always with me).

This works super well because it gives me a place to store my harnesses, and a nice carpet grooming top to harness my rabbits on. When I'm not using my harnesses I keep them in old tupperware containers, so they are sealed off from bugs and moisture. I also use a set of plastic storage drawers to store equipment I don't use as often. These are inexpensive and also great to use as a little harnessing table and harness storage.

Reguardless of the container, you'll have to make sure your harnesses don't get rolled or bundled up because on many harnesses it ruins the shape and can cause ugly curled up harnesses, and we don't want that. Rolling them up can also damage many kinds of harnesses (I'm guilty of doing this once in a while too).

The next piece of equipment we need to store are mats. I use 24" X 24" Foam mats, and foam does not take well to being stored vertically because it will warp and not lay flat when used. So I actually thrifted this super cool AV Cart with a big flat bottom to store my mats in.

Now the average person probably doesn't have this many mats, and if you do, I highly recommend finding something similar to that AV Cart because it is awesome. For the average person with a few sets of mats, I recommend laying mats flat on top of a flat table, or even a storage bin.

While we're on storage bins, that brings me to jumps. Jumps are pretty easy to store, and I really love mine because the rail holders will fit together when you put two posts together and it makes them super small to store.

Storage bins, like the ones at Walmart or Target are perfect for jumps.

However it may be a bit small to hold poles, depending on what size poles you use. I have 30" length poles for competition, and also some smaller 24" poles I use just for fun or if I need to condense my training space. I keep all of my poles in cat litter containers like Tidy Cat ones. These are fantastic pole storage containers as they store vertically so I can easily see all my poles and be able to quickly pull them out when needed. You can also use buckets from Tractor Supply, Rural King, Walmart, etc that are round and tall- those work great also!

So ideally, when I actually have my act together my practice area should look clean, practical, and easy to access. Your practice area and storage area should be just that, an area to store equipment and practice. It doesn't have to be Instagram Worthy to be a functional storage space.

I hope these ideas help you figure out the best storage solution for your hopping equipment! If you have any particular topics you'd like to learn more about please leave your suggestions below or email us at

Happy Hopping!

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