PRICE CHANGE- The price has been adjusted to include the rest of the shipping charge. 

This set includes (8) 24" X 24" 1/2" mats.

All mats are double sided and feature both a colored side and a grey/black side.

These mats that are commonly used for both competition and training. They are easy to clean, and provide a safe shock absorbant surface for rabbits. 


MATS will ship seperately in brown packaging. 


8- Pack Foam Mats

  • Supplies Needed:

    Spray Bottle

    White Vinegar

    Dawn Dish Soap

    Soft-sided Sponge

    Garden Hose



    1. Use hose to rinse mats thoroughly.
    2. Fill Spray bottle one-third with white vinegar, and two thirds of water. Then add a few drops of Dawn Dish Soap.
    3. Spray both sides of the mats, there should be a small amount of suds.
    4. Gently scrub dirt and grime off of mats using the soft-sided sponge, be careful not to scratch the foam.
    5. Rinse mats thoroughly.
    6. Let air-dry.
    7. Store flat to prevent the mats from being misshapen. 



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